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HAMM Construction- Marquis Industrial Trunk Project

The Marquis Industrial Trunk Project completed for the City of Saskatoon

» 22,314,787 lbs of concrete pipe was manufatured and consisted of:
» 297 lineal meters of 3050mm and 1500mm concrete pipe installed in a common trench.
» 1200 lineal meters of 2400mm / 2100mm and 1200mm concrete pipe installed in a common trench.
» 294 lineal meters of 1050mm concrete pipe installed in an independent trench.
» The average trench depth of this project was 11.8 meters.
» 335,434 cubic meters of soil was excavated and moved with excavators and haul trucks.
» 6,000 cubic meters of concrete was installed for pipe bedding.


Celebrating 1,344,500 No Lost Time Manhours